Health and wellness coaching

Health and wellness coaching
Health and wellness coaching

How to better live with a chronic and/or genetic disease thanks to health and well-being coaching?

By helping people with chronic diseases to take charge of their lives, to take care of themselves with kindness and to make sense of their lives through a multi-influence approach, this type of coaching makes it possible to improve the quality of life and daily life despite the handicap of the disease.

My role

To accompany you in finding your own resources, to know your needs and to build a balanced life.

Among the proposed topics
  • Identify your values and the meaning of life: Asking the question “what is important to us in life?” is not always obvious, especially when we are facing physical suffering. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know one’s contribution to the world because it is one of the keys to lasting happiness.
  • Developing self-awareness and self-compassion: The illness can take up a lot of space in a person’s life and prevent the person from having self-esteem for who he or she is as a whole. It is then essential to discover one’s resources, strengths and individuality in order to develop more compassion for oneself. This allows one to overcome the potential to put oneself down and succumb to the disease. (there may be better word than succumb).
  • Managing stress and bouncing back: whether it’s the new diagnosis of a chronic illness that can be experienced by some in a violent way (shock) or difficult daily situations that arise, it is very useful to work on one’s limiting beliefs and coping strategies in order to bounce back and move forward.
  • Adapting your daily life to your limitations (illness): Everyone wants to lead a balanced life with a healthy lifestyle, but is it that easy? No, and even less so if our mobility is reduced, or if our body constantly requires attention due to illness. Nevertheless, everyone can find a balance between their private, professional and social life.
  • Cultivating positive relationships: Making and maintaining connections with the people around us is not always easy when our bodies prevent us from moving as much as we would like, when we are dependent on others or when our mood is altered by our suffering. The good news? We have the keys to positive relationships within us.

Themes can be customized according to the goals of each client.

Schedule for health & illness coaching for people living with chronic illness
  • First contact: conversation around expectations and identification of the request / coaching theme (by telephone or internet, free of charge)
  • First session: discovery interview which allows us to get to know each other, to clarify the objective and to define the framework of the coaching. This takes place between the coach and the client. In the case of a minor, the parents can be present if they wish so.
  • Course of the sessions: several individual coaching sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours with the coach for a set period of time according to a timetable. Between sessions, exercises are suggested that allow the client to get closer to his/her goal.
  • Closing session: evaluation of the progress and achievement of the goal to identify future perspectives. If the coaching is part of a tripartite agreement with the parents, they are present during this last session.

60 – 75 minutes session

Standard rate: 90 €

Discounted rate* : 80 €

6 sessions package (available 6 months)

Standard rate: 450 €

Discounted rate* : 420 €

*less than 25yo, student, unemployed

This type of coaching in three words:
relief – benevolence – stimulation

Larissa Kalisch is personally confronted with a hereditary chronic disease which explains her wish to offer her listening skills to people living with a chronic disease and to transmit tools to enable them to lead a balanced and even fulfilling life despite their burden. She obtained an inter-university diploma (University of Paris) “Genetic diseases – transdisciplinary approach” in 2020.

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