Psychological support

Psychological support
Psychological support

Talking freely about a temporary problem

By offering a confidential and caring listening space, psychological support is a form of help and advice based on punctual support. In other words, the support sessions are adapted to a temporary problem linked to a stressful situation that has momentarily disrupted the person’s psychological balance.

My role

To help you evaluate the difficulties encountered, to mobilize your own resources to overcome them as well as to identify actions that will make the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

Why seek for psychological support?

Do you wish to talk freely  about your difficulties? You can confide in us without fear of judgment and in a confidential setting.

Do you wishto talk about
the suffering you have experienced, analyze the reasons for it and strengthen your ability to adapt to the difficult situation?

Are you looking for a way to take charge of your life? You would be encouraged to take the step and be redirected to a professional (psychotherapist, psychiatrist, etc.) if it seems more appropriate.  

Schedule for psychological support
  • First contact : conversation about your expectations and reasons for coming (by phone or by internet, free of charge)
  • First session: Discovery interview that allows us to get to know each other, to discuss your questions and your needs. This first meeting will also allow us to determine together the nature of the support that is best adapted to your needs.
  • Course of the sessions: several 1-hour psychological support sessions at a frequency determined together.

50 minutes session

Standard rate: 70 €

Discounted rate*: 60 €

Partial coverage depends on your mutual insurance company. Please contact your insurance company for more information.

* less than 25 y.o, student, unemployed

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