Wingwave ® The inspiring short-term coaching

Wingwave ® The inspiring short-term coaching
Wingwave ® The inspiring short-term coaching

What is Wingwave® coaching?

The Wingwave® method is a particularly effective emotional coaching method since, depending on the client’s needs, the objective can be reached after very few sessions. This method not only reduces stress significantly and quickly but also increases creativity, mental fitness and stability in the face of conflict. Coaches also integrate Wingwave as a tool in their coaching ‘toolkit’.

Origin of the term Wingwave:

  1. wing – represents the metaphor of the butterfly effect: a simple flap of a butterfly’s wings in Paris can have consequences on the other side of the world (small cause, large impact)
  2. wave – refers to the term “brainwave”, which means “flash of inspiration”, “great idea”, “good idea”

Wingwave® coaching is a patent-registered process. It combines:

  • EMDR bilateral brain stimulation -> such as induced REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases when awake, auditive or tactile left-right stimulation
  • Neurolinguistic coaching (NLP) -> Language is used as a brain-friendly coaching compass on the path to your goal
  • Myostatic test -> The muscle test for targeted planning of optimum coaching processes
My role

To help you optimize your emotional and mental balance, your performance, and your creative abilities.

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Common areas of use for Wingwave®
  • Stress regulation and performance (team tensions, public speaking, fear of failure, various phobias such as fear of flying, spiders, dentists, etc., lack of sleep)
  • Strengthening of resources (self-image, creativity, motivation, mental preparation for athletes)
  • Creation of favorable beliefs (the inner world)
Schedule of Wingwave coaching®
  • First ontact : conversation around expectations and identification of the request / the theme of coaching (by phone or by internet, free of charge)
  • First session and process : The beginning is dedicated to getting to know each other, to clarify the request of the client, to define the framework of the coaching. Then the coach explains the wingwave method and starts the “detective” work together with the client in order to recognize his/her “problem” and the emotions linked to it thanks to the myotatic test. The “negative” emotion is reduced thanks to the bilateral stimulation which allows to “put away” the emotions that trigger stress. In parallel, the activation of personal resources can be worked on.
  • Follow-up sessions: several personalized sessions of about 1 hour with the coach for a duration determined by the needs of the client. Exercises between sessions are proposed to allow the client to move forward towards his/her goal.

1hour session

Standard rate: 100 €

Discounted rate*: 85 €

3 session package (valid for 6 months)

Standard rate: 250 €

Discounted rate* : 225 €

* less than 25 y.o, student, unemployed

This type of coaching in three words: quick – intuitive – different


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