Workshops, an interactive group experience

The workshops are a sort of group coaching that promotes awareness of the values and resources of each person in order to discover, move forward, surpass oneself and thus grow. The themes are related to the art of living a fulfilling life and to positive education.

The theoretical keys discussed in the workshops as well as the tools and practices experienced are based on the research of positive psychology.

The workshops are interactive and fun in order to allow a moment of exchange and growth in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

Our workshops are inspired by the iStep program (Innovation, Sciences and Techniques in Positive Education) developed by Positran.

For whom?

The answer is simple: for everyone šŸ™‚

Children, teens, adults, parents, teachers, teams, … and even all together – an intergenerational workshop!

The advantages of the workshops :

  • Face-to-face or online
  • Variable number of participants
  • Fun and interactive workshops


Learn to be happy!

Discover the ingredients and mechanisms of happiness as well as several tools that allow each of us to cultivate our daily well-being.

Emotions under scrutiny

Explore the different functions of emotions in our brain first. Then learn to accept them and to transform them to better adapt.

Body and Mindfulness

Recognize the connection between our body and mind and the impact of diet, sleep, physical activity and mindfulness on our development and level of well-being.

Which superhero are you?

Understand the value of strengths, discover your own and explore how to use them in your personal and professional life. They might be a great source to determine your direction/path forward.


Understand the importance of mindset and learn how to encourage self-confidence in those around you.

The receipe of positives relationships

Humans are social animals. Understand how to develop and maintain positive relationships through various ingredients.


Explore the concept of motivation and the factors that drive us to act or persevere despite obstacles. Discover the different conditions to enter a state of flow.

SPARK ResilienceĀ©

Develop your resilience by learning to better manage stress and bounce back with the SPARK ResilienceĀ© adventureĀ© (8 sessions of 90 minutes)

Tailor-made workshops

Are you looking for a unique tailor-made workshop based on positive psychology – the science of well-being? Contact me and we will find content and a format adapted to the profiles of your participants, to your needs and to the context. Ā 

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