Life Coaching for adults

Life Coaching for adults
Life Coaching for adults

Building or rebuilding your life path

At several moments in our life, we may want to change some aspect of our daily life, to boost our mental health, to find balance or to dare to do something unknown. This type of coaching is for anyone who wishes to be accompanied in the pursuit of their goals in one or more areas of their life (family, work, personal development, health, social life, etc.).

My role

To help you identify your abilities, strengths and latent potential so that you can (re)find a fulfilling life.

Among the proposed topics
  • (Re)Developing self-confidence:: as a result of life experiences, we sometimes lose confidence in ourselves. It is then essential to work on our beliefs in order to believe in our unique abilities and talents.
  • Regaining motivation: Sometimes we feel unmotivated, disengaged at work, in our private lives or in life in general and we don’t even know why. Identifying our unmet needs and the level of the challenges we face allows us to regain the desire to commit to our projects.
  • Managing your time better: very common phenomenon is the feeling of not having enough time; we feel like we are running around. There is no way yet to stop time or to lengthen the days, but we can optimize our time whether it is to feel more efficient or to have more time for ourselves, for the family, for leisure, etc.
  • Discovering yourself and your dreams/passions : It can happen, in our busy daily life as we live it today, that we feel lost, lacking in accomplishment or even having the impression of missing out on our lives. There is never a right or wrong time to take charge of your life in order to move forward on a path that is more in tune with yourself.
  • Identify your professional future: A job loss, a burnout or any other critical event can lead us to question our profession or branch, and thus generate the desire for a professional reorientation or a change of job. Sometimes it is only a matter of encouraging and preparing the person to dare to take a new course and other times, a thorough work on the vision of the ideal professional future is necessary.
  • Making decisions, assuming them and committing: Today, there is an embarrassment of choices in many areas of life which makes decision making even more difficult for some. When we have identified our values, our priorities but also learned to let go and become aware of the fact that we can’t control and optimize everything, we should be more serene about making decisions and commitments.
  • Managing stress and bouncing back: life is made up of ups and downs. People experience pleasant moments and feelings as well as stressful events and unpleasant feelings. Everyone can learn to overcome life’s obstacles and grow from them, in other words, to become resilient. There are tools to help us identify our limiting beliefs, manage our emotions, control our reactions, etc.

Themes can be customized according to the goals of each client.

Schedule for life coaching for adults
  • First contact: conversation around expectations and identification of the request / coaching theme (by telephone or internet, free of charge)
  • First session: discovery interview which allows us to get to know each other, to clarify the objective and to define the framework of the coaching.
  • Course of the sessions: several individual coaching sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours with the coach for a set period of time according to a timetable. Between sessions, exercises are suggested that allow the client to get closer to his/her goal.
  • Closing session: evaluation of the progress and achievement of the goal to identify future perspectives.

60 – 75 minutes session

Standard rate: 90 €

Discounted rate* : 80 €

6 session package (valid for 6 months)

Standard rate : 450 €

Discounted rate* : 420 €

* less than 25 y.o, student, unemployed

This type of coaching in three words: enriching – invigorating – transformative

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